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Women Support Women Fund

The Women Support Women Fund, a compassionate program initiated by the Business Professional Women of North Platte, stands as a beacon of empowerment and solidarity for women entrepreneurs with small businesses seeking a helping hand. This commendable initiative aims to provide vital support to aspiring women who may need assistance in various aspects of their entrepreneurial journey. Through the program, women have the opportunity to apply for funds that can be utilized for tangible items crucial to their businesses, furthering their education to enhance skills, or any other related necessities that can propel their enterprises forward. The Business Professional Women of North Platte exemplify a community of dedicated women united in their commitment to fostering an environment where fellow women can not only survive but thrive. This program is a testament to the strength that emerges when women support and uplift each other, creating a network that enables every participant to reach their full potential in the world of small business.

MPCC Non-Traditional Student Scholarship 

The North Platte Business Professional Women (BPW) organization demonstrates its unwavering commitment to education and community upliftment by generously contributing funds to Mid-Plains Community College. Specifically directed toward a scholarship program, this initiative is tailored for non-traditional female college students pursuing education in any degree path. The scholarship seeks to empower women who are often overlooked in traditional educational settings—those who are older and returning to school or mothers striving to acquire new skills or degrees to better support their families. This philanthropic effort by the North Platte BPW not only facilitates academic pursuits but also serves as a beacon of encouragement for women navigating the challenges of balancing education, family, and personal growth. Through this scholarship, the organization actively supports the diverse journeys of non-traditional female students, recognizing their resilience and determination to expand their horizons through higher education.

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