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Wine &


The BPW Event Wine & Brew unfolds as an enchanting evening, inviting participants to savor the rich flavors of Nebraska-crafted wines and brews, thoughtfully paired with delectable hors d'oeuvres. This gathering transcends the ordinary, as local businesses unite to contribute vibrant and enticing baskets for one of North Platte's most significant silent auctions. The atmosphere is charged with excitement as attendees bid on these captivating offerings, ensuring that the event is not only a celebration of local craftsmanship but also a testament to community collaboration. Beyond the enjoyment of the evening, the true essence lies in its philanthropic purpose, as the proceeds from this lively affair directly benefit the BPW scholarship at MidPlains Community College. Moreover, the event now extends its support to the Women Support Women Fund and the Pro-Connect Class Series, amplifying the impact on education, empowerment, and professional development in the community. Wine & Brew emerges as an embodiment of joy, generosity, and the spirit of giving back, creating an unforgettable experience with lasting positive effects.

February 9th, 2023
6:30 pm at Venue 304

Pro-Connect Class Series

BPW's Pro-Connect Class Series is a dynamic platform designed to empower and educate, offering members and participants valuable insights and skills for personal and professional development. This series of workshops brings together accomplished women from diverse fields, providing a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge-sharing. Attendees gain access to expert-led sessions covering a range of topics, fostering growth and fostering a supportive community. With a commitment to continuous learning, the Pro-Connect Class Series serves as a catalyst for career advancement and skill enhancement, embodying the Business Professional Women's dedication to the success and empowerment of women in the professional landscape.

Let's Get Legal
with Christine Seck

In a concise presentation, local lawyer Christine Seck expertly navigates the intricacies of business legal structures, unraveling the distinctions between corporations, LLCs, and sole proprietorships. Delving into the practicalities, she sheds light on the tax implications associated with each formation, providing valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking clarity on the legal landscape of their ventures.

January 18th | 7 pm | Prairie Arts Center 
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